Longchamp toasted its 60th anniversary on Monday night with New York’s most celebrated fashionistas. Brooke Shields and Lindsay Price of Lipstick Jungle finished slightly ahead of Leighton Meester, Jessica Szohr and Nicole Fiscella of Gossip Girl for chic outfit points.

Actually, Robert Verdi was the first person I recognized; being featured in a taxi cab makes you the biggest celebrity in my book. After the paparazzi swarmed them, I noted Julianne Moore, Diane Kruger, Susan Sarandon* and the Misshapes in attendance. Kudos to the kids at People’s Revolution for such an A-list roster!

The party took place at the Soho flagship store on the top floor which opened out to a gorgeous terrace. I sipped bubbly, munched on treats and pretended not to people gawk.

Interestingly, in the early 1970’s, Philippe Cassegrain designed a line of bags called “LM”, destined for the Japanese market. Its success gave Longchamp a solid reputation as a creator of women’s handbags. To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Longchamp released of 60 one-of-a-kind bags bearing tattoos inspired by the Longchamp logo, each an original work of art by Jean-Luc Moerman.

Partygoers could apply temporary tattoos of the Jean-Luc Moerman design. I had mine put on arm, but I saw one guy dare to put it atop his bald head. Fashion statement or faux pas? Je ne sais pas!

*Mo must note that Susan Sarandon is a Goddess!

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longchamp 60th anniversary

Picture courtesy of Patrick McMullan