This past Thursday on August 12th, 2010, the Linnaean Libation League threw the Centennial Soiree at the beautiful Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  Although the rainy weather threatened to put a damper on the evening, that did not stop guests from arriving in their vintage 1910-inspired attire.

Attendees enjoyed a classic game of croquet on Cherry Esplanade.  As I watched guests awkwardly strike the stubborn ball into the target I couldn’t help but be reminded of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, where the game is played with the crazy queen and her poor, suffering flamingos.  If I had been wearing proper rain boots I would have given the game a shot.  It certainly looked fun from the bench where my friend and I were perched.


Those not partaking in the outdoor activity enjoyed delicious Chandon champagne with lemon and sugar flavoring as they snacked on fresh vegetables.  Dessert was provided by Melt Bakery.  Despite eating several of their delicious peach-bourbon ice cream cookie sandwiches at a different event the night before, they still managed to satisfy my sweet tooth. 

The second portion of the night was held at the Lily Pool Terrace.  The walk from Cherry Esplanade to the Terrace once again made me think of Alice as she chases the White Rabbit all around, until eventually falling into her Wonderland.



Once inside the beautifully lit venue, Saranac and Hendrick’s cocktails and hors d’oeuvres were offered to guests as they took their seats.  The first sight to catch my eye was a magnificently decorated cake from Elegantly Iced.  The masterpiece was stationed in the center of the room, silently commanding attention from all its admirers.

Upon leaving the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, I also quietly departed from my own little Wonderland and back into modern reality.

– Megan Eileen McDonough


[Photos via LLL]