Lorraine Leckie
CD Release Show for Martini Eyes

September 29th @8PM
(CD released on September 28th)

Rockwood Music Hall
Stage 2
– Tickets can be bought at the door

Take a look-see at the whole EP!

“This woman is a poet… a page out of the book of Lou Reed or Edgar Allen Poe.” – Underground Beat

Sardonic, erotic, cinematic, theatrical, and sultry are the songs that comprise Lorraine Leckie’s latest project, Martini Eyes. With uber addictive melodies intertwined with rickety vocals and a gorgeously quirky tone, Leckie unleashes an aural burlesque with evocative lyrics that are the milieu to a poignant tale that only she can tell.
Whether giving concise instructions to the new man of the house on the subtleties on how to behave at a funeral for the old man of the house (“Don’t Giggle at the Corpse”) or painting a divine yet eerie portrait of her so-called life in dramatic fashion (“Trouble”), Leckie takes on a folksy Dust Bowl groove that would frighten Edgar Allen Poe or perhaps Nick Cave.

Still, she is ever more captivating—tangling the listener in all of her fables with an uncompromising allure that is consistent throughout. “Crazy girls are easy to love/By morning you’ve had enough…” croons Leckie in the provocative, cabaret-like “Red Light” which gushes with a patented waltz beat that is as seductive as its suggestive title.

In “Listen To The Girl,” Leckie is back to her old ways, commanding the listener to follow her endearing advice. Her mournful melody oozes John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band and her weepy harmonica lines evoke sepia images of The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan. “Find yourself, even if it hurts.  Fin d yourself,” she warns.
It was just last year that Leckie gave her band – the Demons – a rest to focus on the recording of this cryptic and complex collection, as she plays nearly all the instruments herself -with a little help from producer George Jackson

Formerly, a celebrity makeup artist (She once plumped the lashes and lips of celebs and models such as Heidi Klum, Carla Bruni, Claudia Schiffer (famous cat eyes) and Frederique Van der Wal) Lorraine Leckie has now put down her powder puff for a guitar!

“Don’t Giggle at the Corpse”