Having a tough time dating in NYC??

… Yeah, me too.

I guess getting shwasted and stumbling upon people in bars isn’t the best approach – which is why we’re excited to hear about Cheek’d!

Cheek’d, coined by the New York Times as “The next generation of online dating,” enables users to bridge their missed connections in the concrete jungle and around the world.

Cheek’d members use business-sized cards with humorous lines such as, “act natural, we can get awkward later” or “i just put all my drinks on your tab” as an ice breaker for that intriguing stranger that you don’t want to get away.  Find your target and slip them a card to get the game started.

The recipient of the card then goes to Cheekd.com where he or she types in a code from the card which leads to the card giver’s profile. The pair then connects online via the Cheek’d internal messaging system.  Missed connection averted; privacy protected.

For three lucky Socially Superlative readers, we are giving away a 50-card Cheek’d deck (value of $25 each) and three free months of Cheek’d service (value of $9.95 per month)!

To enter the Cheek’d giveaway, email with the subject line “Cheek’d Giveaway,” tweet both us (@soc_superlative) and (@cheekd) with a note, or write on our Facebook page.  Enter by Sunday, June 26th, 2011; winner must provide mailing address upon confirmation.