When suffering through hangovers in college, I would sometimes manage to lift my eyelids before the sun set, make it out of my bed, and get into a chair at my friend’s family restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island: Louis. Once there, someone in the Gianfrancesco family would cook me up the largest, most perfect egg and cheese sandwich*, served on a 6″ or 12″ roll (possibly with home fries on top). Greasy spoon diner food—ideally served alongside a hot cup of coffee in one of those thick, nondescript white mugs—sates hangover cravings like nothing else can. But since I can’t walk to Providence from here, I’ve been forced to seek out other culinary cures. Below, in honor of the biggest hangover day of the year—New Year’s Day—is a tested and fine-tuned list from our editors on where to get the best hangover dishes in New York City—keep in mind this is NOT BRUNCH, but rather a quick, easy pick-me-up in a place where you’ll find little to no judgement.

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