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12 hours after I left Pedros Kitchen and Brew and I was still full, which is a good thing, and still smiling from the wonderful treatment that I received by everyone who is associated with this vibrant, colorful Mexican restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Pedros, at 1 Hope Street, just celebrated their 1-year anniversary, a monumental milestone for a New York City restaurant surviving long-term, and I was able to be in attendance and be introduced for the first time to their beautiful decor, strong drinks and tasty food.

Pedros (18)

Starting out with one of their specialty cocktails, a Loco Coco Loso, from their full-service bar was the perfect beginning to the evening with just the right mix of pineapple, fresh simple syrup, FRESH lime juice and coconut rum, complemented nicely with their guacamole starter, complete with HAND-CUT chips made it all the better.

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Shortly after meeting Steve, the manager at Pedro’s, the servers began bringing around tasty bites from their menu for all to try, starting with their Shredded Chicken Flautas topped with cheese, cremanata and salsa roja, as well as their Seasoned Beef Quesadillas. Both very good, and definitely dip your flautas into some of the salsa verde.

Pedros (10)

Helping us wash the food down were a duo of party-special drinks, a chilled pineapple-infused vodka as well as a white-wine sangria made with fresh fruits. I’m more a red-wine sangria guy so I stuck to the tropical-themed vodka. Yes, rough life I lead, eh?

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Around the time our next samples of their extensive menu came out, which included their Shredded Chicken Empanadas with avocado dipping sauce, one of my favorites of the night, as well as a different variety of quesadilla, this time with chicken, a great band starting playing live just a few feet from where I was sitting. Tommy Y La Banda of Lower East Side Salsa Band put on a great show for the rest of our time there, and were even still jamming when I finally left.

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Back to the food, yum, and what came out next was definitely YUM. Some of the fluffiest tamales that I’ve ever had with a cheese center – will definitely have to come back and taste their shredded chicken and seasoned pork varieties of these sometime in the future.

Pedros (16)

I was able to meet and talk with the owner of Pedros, Dante Delemos, and asked him about the specialty drink that bares his name: Dante’s Diablo. A twist on a Cosmo with tequilla, triple-sec, cranberry and a few other delectable ingredients – try one of these when you are at the bar/restaurant as it was smoooooth.

The evening as brought to a close, for me, with a celebratory shot of Patron Silver, compliments of Steve and in the sharing of some Coffee Flan with the rest of my table … with the band still playing a fitting end to a joyous, gracious and delightful evening.

Pedros (14)

“Next month, Pedros is introducing a special three course prix-fixe menu priced at $20.13/person. In addition to the far ranging choice of Mexican fare, Pedros boasts a full bar with many ‘brews’ on tap as well as a diverse array of tropical cocktails, including the requisite margaritas. There is a popular daily lunch special of three tacos and your choice of cocktail for $10.

On Thursday and Saturday nights in the restaurant and lounge, Pedros hosts live music by local Brooklyn musicians. In the upcoming weeks, the venue will sponsor live Salsa music on Fridays. “

With their classic Mexican cuisine, energetic ambiance and well-stocked bar, Pedros is a must-try if you haven’t been there yet and a must-return if you have.

– Mike J

Photos by Mike J and via Pedros Kitchen and Brew