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Let’s face it, New Yorkers aren’t known for being the nicest people out there. But a new campaign called “Be Sweet Out There” is hoping to change that by promoting random acts of kindness. Premium iced tea brand Sweet Leaf Tea recently unveiled an interactive art installation on the High Line where a giant board covered with over 3,000 bottle caps was on display to the public.

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Visitors were encouraged to pull a cap and on the other side was an act of kindness for them to complete, such as, “Hail a cab for a stranger” or “Give someone a compliment today.” Once all the caps were removed, a mural of a giant bottle cap with the skyline of New York City was revealed.

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“The campaign is bringing to life the sweetness that’s in our brand but in every single person that’s out there,” said Meghan Conboy, Marketing Manager of Sweet Leaf Tea. “We’re trying to get everyone to band together and perform these random acts of sweetness.” And judging from the amount of smiling faces in the crowd, people had no problem doing just that.

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Guests also got to sample three of the eleven flavors made by the organic beverage brand. Citrus Green Tea is infused with the essence of orange, lemon and lime. Mint & Honey Green Tea is flavored with spearmint leaves and just a touch of honey and The Original Sweet Tea is made with black tea leaves and organic cane sugar. Here’s to hoping these random sweet acts will continue for a long time to come.

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– Angela Thomas

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