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Hard Rock Chicago by Socially Superlative (2)

Sleeping at the Hard Rock

Socially Superlative had the distinct pleasure of touring some of the suites at the Hard Rock Chicago. These are rooms that some people will never see in their lifetime, unless they’re a celebrity or part of an over the top bachelor party. Allison Kearns, the Director of Catering took us around and gave us insight into the spaces in the process.

Each floor houses a piece of rock memorabilia fitting the theme of the floor. We started on the Led Zepplin floor. The tower suite on the floor is extremely spacious and has spectacular views of the Chicago skyline. The masculine vibe of the pool table and spacious living area makes it perfect for a bachelor pre-game before a debaucherous night on the town.

 Hard Rock Chicago by Socially Superlative (3) Hard Rock Chicago by Socially Superlative (9)

Next up was the Angels and Kings Suite. The multi-room, dual level space is the epitome of luxury. The decor matches the noir ambiance that the Angels and Kings bar has in the hotel lounge. The bathroom has a chalkboard wall so guests can personalize the space during their stay. The hotel also includes guitars and DJ equipment in the room to practice becoming a rockstar in your own right.

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Eating at the Hard Rock

What’s great about staying at the Hard Rock Chicago, is that if you don’t want to go too far to have a gourmet meal or in our case, it’s snowing so hard you can’t see five feet in front of you, you don’t have to leave to get what you want.

Dubbed the ‘Rock n Roll Chef’ by Rolling Stone Magazine, Kerry Simon has cooked for the likes of Rock Royalty David Bowie and INXS among others. Being an Evanston, IL native, when Simon was looking for a kitchen to call his own, it seemed like a right fit to make Chuck’s at Hard Rock Hotel Chicago his new home.

 Hard Rock Chicago by Socially Superlative (31) Hard Rock Chicago by Socially Superlative (37)

The decor of Chuck’s matches the edgy luxury of the rest of Hard Rock Hotel Chicago. The low lighting and trendy decor make the setting perfect for a date, a girl’s night out, or hotel guests alike, all while Simon looks on from a blown up photo, front and center.

Hard Rock Chicago by Socially Superlative (26)

Given the innovative menu, choosing what to eat was tough. We began our culinary journey with the Cheddar Crab Fondue, served with assorted breads and Sausage Pail, with beer-battered mini-brats, spicy linguiza sausage and assorted mustards for dipping. Both dishes were completely different from any appetizer I’ve come across in the past.

We moved onto main dishes and went with our server Ariel’s suggestion of the Steelhead Trout, with horseradish creme fraiche, bacon greens and tempura corn and Red Thai Curry with chicken, pineapple chutney, and jasmine rice. Again, the preparation and presentation set these dishes apart from similar dishes you may order in other restaurants and the freshness of the ingredients really came through the flavor combinations. Not that we needed additional food with the large portions of the main courses, but we also tried the tempura-battered brussels sprouts, and bechamel, parmesan and white cheddar creamed spinach, which we were big fans of.

Hard Rock Chicago by Socially Superlative (35) Hard Rock Chicago by Socially Superlative (34)

We ended our meal on a sweet note with the S’mores Bread Pudding. Comprised of milk chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallow sauce, and s’mores streusel, this concoction brings the flavors of a traditional campfire, inside.

Hard Rock Chicago by Socially Superlative (38) Hard Rock Chicago by Socially Superlative (29)

To plan your star-studded visit to the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, please visit:

– Stephanie Carino

Hard Rock Hotel Chicago
230 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60601

Photos courtesy of Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, Keith Meadors and Stephanie Carino

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