IMG_6747Let’s face it: we live in a very wasteful society. Luckily there are companies like WasteGate who want to create a safe, simple platform that is beneficial to the environment, and community.

WasteGate is a live online peer-to-peer marketplace start-up that allows its users to exchange used goods with one another through peer-to-peer swaps. Aren’t we all guilty of hanging on to things we no longer have use for? maybe from sentimentality, fears about scarcity or absolute laziness. Let us clear away old things to make space for new ones.

Goodwill meets Ebay in this service that brings second-hand goods online. Members will be able to swap or bid on gently used items using points called Waste Credits (WCs). The more items you post, the more points you earn. This quick series of steps take less than five minutes. The user simply uploads a photograph of the item in question alongside a title and description, then chooses whether to offer it for a chosen swap item or the first offer made.

The process has been described as “fun and more exciting way to rid yourself of clutter and unwanted stuff that is in your home or apartments,”. And, instead of hauling furniture or bags of goods from the second-hand store in Greenwich Village to your apartment on the Upper East Side, items can be delivered directly to your door. What a time saver!

WasteGate began as the brainchild of Sri Lankan natives Rangana Samarasinghe and Thikshan Arulampalam. Sri Lanka, a small island country in the Indian Ocean, has developed a strong culture of reuse and recycling over consumption; tech experts repair electronics at cheap rates while stores offer trade-in discounts on some items.

clutter 2

By entering the increasingly popular peer-to-peer market, the founders believe WasteGate can drive the current practice of individual resource recycling further. As a New Yorker we are constantly on the move and sometimes we are literally moving round the city a lot. How many times have you left something on the curb to see it scooped up in the trash the next day?

With pretty much everything moving online—bookstores, movie rentals, taxi-cab hailing—and as living costs outrun incomes—a need for an online second hand shop can be convenient and useful.

In the words of Wastegate:

Happiness happens when we have what we need and share the excess for free. We know we are afforded with much, and in abundance is where most of us live. Between you and us, we know that somethings we have are not what we need. What if your trash is someone else’s treasure?

Imagine a life without clutter. We tend to hang on to things that we no longer use, maybe from sentimentality, fears about scarcity or absolute laziness. Let us clear away old things to make space for new ones.

Swap it away, don’t throw it away! We are afforded with much, and in abundance in life, so let’s pay it forward. More information: