Let’s review how to find a tech job as an MBA. Where would you be able to find a tech job as an MBA? Let’s discuss which tech companies would be willing to hire you as a newly minted MBA and the hidden job market for MBAs wanting to work in technology. And don’t forget that there are tech jobs open to MBAs that many grads ignore in their rush to work for hot start-ups.

Skip the Start-Ups Unless You’re an Engineer with an MBA

Let’s be honest – start-up tech companies are the hot and hip place to be, but they don’t need an MBA. They are trying to develop a technology or a website. They need people with STEM skills or marketing of their product to investors. The one person who may be of value to a start-up is an engineer who has earned an MBA and thus can step into a team management role almost immediately.

Go for Online Retailers

If you want to know how to find a tech job as an MBA, start by applying to work with online retailers. Some of the top careers with an MBA include marketing, logistics, production planning, finance, team management and international business. Amazon, for example, hires many MBAs to study how to market better to different demographics, run AB testing and manage its warehouses and shipping operations.
Amazon is also worth mentioning because its shift to a network of nationwide warehouses to provide fast same day delivery nearly guarantees at least a few warehouse, logistical and management jobs in every major city in the nation.

Remember that many brick and mortar stores have online sales divisions. Whether it is Walmart or Staples (yes, they are some of the largest online sellers in the US), finding a position that compliments your skillset looks better on your resume than remaining unemployed hoping a coveted company will hire you. Working in the online sales department at Barnes and Noble, for example, gives you just as much experience as eBay.

Look at Last Year’s Start-Ups

The top careers for MBA grads in the technology field are strategy, business development and corporate development. The highest demand for MBAs in the tech field is in product management, corporate marketing and product marketing. Instead of flocking to a start-up, look for the companies with a growing portfolio of products. They have their first products out and they are looking to expand the line-up. They need help marketing these new products. They need help managing their evolving major product, such as studying and marketing better to different market segments that use their product.

If you are looking for a tech job in a start-up, don’t bother applying for a current start-up unless you have the strong tech skills already. Look for a job with companies a year or two past their first product launch and now in need of product management or marketing of new products. You can find ecommerce and online retailing jobs everywhere from major websites to brick and mortar retailers that also sell online. Don’t forget the niche of helping small businesses trying to start selling products and apps.