In the fashion world, it seems as if there’s always something new to discover, and the same is no different when it comes to technology. To make things easy on your nerves, your wallet and your time, you can use special fashion apps to sharpen your personal style. Download them and see how simple and convenient it can be to look and feel your most fashionable.

1. Mallzee

With the Mallzee app, you can swipe your way through more than 30 brands, gathering together options that perfectly match your personal style. To better organize your shopping list, there are several different categories, such as work wear and outfits for going out on the town. Another great thing about the app is that it lets you know if an item you liked has had a price drop, ensuring you’re the first to snatch up that pair of heels or bag you’ve been eyeing.

2. PS Dept

We’ve all had fashion situations in which we needed to find the perfect outfit and were short on time. PS Dept is an app that acts like a personal fashion assistant that lets you narrow your search to a single item if you like. Several different brands are connected to the app to provide users with expert advice so that they’re steered in the right direction.

3. Like to Know It

Those who follow the fashionable movers and shakers on Instagram are sure to find much joy in using the Like to Know It app. The way it works is that the app sends a link to the products you like on Instagram, making it quick and easy for you to buy the fashion pieces you like most. Even if you don’t decide to buy the items you receive links for, you at least have a wishlist to save for your birthday, the holiday season and those times where you have some extra cash on hand.

4. Stylect

If it’s shoes you’re in need of, Stylect is sure to become one of your absolute favorite fashion apps. You can input your likes and style to narrow down the selection of more than 40,000 styles of shoe, including some of the biggest names in the shoe game. If you like, you can further narrow your focus according to price, color and style. To make things easy on you and to save time, you have the option of buying selections you like straight from the app.

5. Spring

Apparel and accessories is the name of the game when it comes to the Spring app. There you’ll find more than 70 brands to choose from. You can also save your credit card information, address and measurements on the app to make future online shopping trips faster and more efficient.

6. Keep Shopping

Those who commonly shop through several sites and would rather not switch to multiple sites to fill up and examine their carts before buying should consider downloading Keep Shopping. The app is designed to keep all your shopping carts in a single app. Even better is the fact that Keep Shopping organizes products you might be interested in from various points of the web, making it easier and faster for you to find selections that suit your personal style.

7. Polyvore

Polyvore is designed to help you decide what to wear on a day to day basis, eliminating the frustration of feeling as if nothing in your closet works well together. The app lets you combine looks and take a peek at outfits put together by other users, which could provide you with a flash of inspiration. Like most of the apps on this list, Polyvore is wholly customizable, allowing you to narrow your focus according to overall style, color and brand.

8. The Hunt

Few things are more frustrating than seeing an outfit or piece of clothing you like but having no idea of where it came from or a way to find out. Now you do. The Hunt is a fashion app that provides users with links to items they like as well as alternatives in case the real deal is either too expensive or unavailable. If you like, you can also follow trends to ensure you never miss an opportunity to find your next favorite article of clothing.

Bring together the best of technology and fashion with theses useful apps. With them, you’ll never have to worry about stepping out looking less than your best.