Marketing is one of those skills that is equal parts science and art. There is lots of cold, hard theory behind marketing. Consumer psychology is a thriving field of study, and when you consider the impact that a single marketing campaign can have on a business or product, it isn’t hard to see why.

However, even with all these psychological and sociological analyses, it is still very hard to quantify exactly what it is that makes a marketing campaign resonate on a deep and personal level with its audience.

If you can manage to formulate a message and a campaign that resonates with the audience, however, the potential gains are huge.

Marketing that manages to connect with the audience in this way is exponentially more effective than other, less personal forms of marketing. It is also much harder to pull off, especially when it comes to tech products.

Show the Applications

Don’t just show your audience what your products look like. Give them an idea of how they function and what role they are designed to play in the user’s life. Some tech products are designed to enhance productivity whereas others are intended purely as lifestyle accessories. Most tech has multiple potential uses, so don’t be afraid to show that your product can be used in a variety of contexts.

Find a Tagline

A tagline is a memorable phrase that you can attach to your marketing materials to make them more memorable. A tagline can be anything, a pun, a clever turn of phrase, a poetic summation of the product, or even a quote. If you are in need of inspiration for a tagline, then have a look at this list of inspirational quotes from Examined Existence.

Simplify Your Language

Tech products are generally harder to explain to a general audience because they have more specialized usages. The language of tech products is more specialized too – imagine trying to buy a camera without knowing what megapixels are!

In order for your marketing to resonate with customers, it needs to be approachable and friendly. But how can an advert be approachable? In the same way as a person! That is, an approachable advert is one that doesn’t intimidate the viewer.

If you overload the viewer with technical jargon, then your advert will no longer be easy to understand. If people feel intimidated by a barrage of information that they don’t understand, they will move on and you will have failed to win them over. Sure, more technologically literate viewers might be enticed, but if you want a broader appeal, you need to adjust your approach.

Where you do need to convey your products’ attributes in terms of technical specifications, stick to common technical terms that most people will understand.

Marketing tech products isn’t easy, especially if you want them to have an appeal that extends beyond a particular, specialized niche. In order for tech marketing to be successful, it needs to be unique and memorable. It also, perhaps, more importantly, needs to avoid alienating or intimidating the viewer.