Do you enjoy playing the game of golf? If this is the case, you might be seriously thinking about planning a golf getaway for you and some of your closest friends. There are certainly many places that you could go to play golf. However, you will need to take some time and give some careful consideration about where you will decide to go. There are a number of crucial issues that you will need to take into consideration before you officially book your trip. Here are a few of the things you will need to look into.

1. How far in advance will you need to book your trip?

You might want to book some tee times on one of the most popular Miami golf courses. However, you might find out that there is a very long wait. Therefore, you will need to decide if you want to delay your trip in order to play a few rounds on the course that is your first choice. You could also choose an alternate golf course that is not quite as popular. You will have better luck booking a tee time where you will not need to wait so long.

2. What level of difficulty do you want your golf course to be?

Do you and your friends play golf on a regular basis? Do you feel that your level of skill is fairly high? You will need to make an honest assessment regarding the golfing skills of you and your friends. This will allow you to determine what type of course you want to do your golfing on. Choosing a course that is too tough for you could lead to very long rounds that are very frustrating. However, you also want to avoid choosing a course that is too easy. Take a look at photos of the golf courses you are considering. The dimensions of each hole should be listed on the website of the course.

3. What other amenities does the resort have?

You and your friends might want to do other things during your getaway besides play golf. For example, does the resort also have tennis courts? What about a gym and spa? Do they have any activities to keep your children occupied while you are golfing? What sort of restaurants does the resort offer? You should look into these details. They will help you decide where to go.