It’s common to be nervous before you get married because, after all, it’s a major lifechanging decision that’s supposed to be forever. The good news is that just because you’re a bit on edge doesn’t mean your marriage won’t work out in the long-term.

Wedding jitters are normal, and there are practical ways to help you overcome them before your big day. Stay positive and remember why you said yes in the first place! Don’t let a few nerves stop you from enjoying one of the best days of your life. Focus on all that there is to look forward to and know you’ll get through the roadblocks if you manage your stress and continue to remain calm.

Plan Ahead

Even if you’re not a planner or don’t like to plan, your wedding is one event when you shouldn’t slack in this area. Hire a professional wedding planner if it makes you feel better about the entire process. Also, a wedding is a big expense and comes with a lot of bills when it’s all said and done. Take the time to learn more about same day payday loans and how you can get the money you need quickly and hassle-free if you’re in a tight spot. You don’t want finances getting in the way of you having your dream wedding, so plan and prepare in advance.

Think About Why You’re Marrying Your Other Half

Go back to the day your partner proposed and all the reasons why you accepted their offer at the time. Make a list of all the reasons why you love your future spouse and how they make you feel when you’re with them. You’ll quickly overcome your wedding jitters when you realize it’s one day you’re a bit nervous about and not the idea of you two spending the rest of your lives together. It’s important you set aside some quality time to spend with this person apart from all the wedding planning. Participate in activities you love to do together which put a smile on your face.

Exercise & Take Care of Yourself

What’s going to be most important that you do as you plan your wedding is to take care of yourself. It includes exercising daily, eating right and getting enough sleep each night. Break a sweat and release any negative emotions you’re feeling about the situation. Be happy to know that you’ll also be getting in shape to fit in your wedding dress while you’re at it. Your jitters will subside when you’re diligent about attending to your self-care needs and putting yourself first. Block off time each day to ponder over or plan the wedding, but then sprinkle in other hobbies and tasks that will help distract you away from constantly thinking about your big day.

Turn to Your Bridesmaids for Support

You picked your bridesmaids for a reason, and they’re there to not only stand by your side the day of the wedding but also to support you throughout the planning process. Speak up, reach out and ask for help when you need it along the way. Have conversations with the ones who are married and know what it’s like to go through the stress and excitement that a wedding brings on. Ask questions, spend time doing fun activities together and just enjoy being with your girlfriends and laughing. Be open and willing to hear and receive advice if you want to truly reduce the number of wedding jitters you’re feeling.

Focus on the Reception

One way to get through this process in one piece is to focus on the positives and all the fun that’s ahead of you. Stop worrying about writing your vows for a few minutes and turn your attention to the party and celebration aspect. Put your energy into planning the reception including picking out entertaining music, any late night food and deciding where the dance floor will be. Your brain will quickly start to see the bright side of this event and that the preparation phase isn’t so bad after all. It is also a good opportunity to bring your future spouse into the planning stage and get their input on some of the more amusing parts that will be happening as you get married.

Look Forward to Your Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is another one of those aspects of the wedding that will be able to lift your spirits by you simply thinking about it. Sit down with your partner and talk about where you want to go and what you want to do once you’re at your destination. Look forward to getting to spend some alone time together after all of the hoopla and how nice it’ll be to reconnect with the one you love. Overcome your wedding jitters by picturing all the fun activities you’ll participate in once the wedding is done, and you two get to escape to some wonderful and exotic location. The honeymoon will mark the beginning of what will be a beautiful life together.

Journal how You’re Feeling

Your emotions are going to be running high when you’re in the middle of pulling together a wedding. One healthy way to keep them in check and notice when your stress is getting out of control is to journal your feelings. You can see for yourself what’s causing you the most angst and then problemsolve your way through the issues and reduce your wedding jitters all at the same time. It is also a good opportunity for you to write down all you’re grateful for, which will help you remain positive and upbeat as you get all of the final details in order.


Your wedding day is a momentous occasion in your life and one you should never forget. Make it easier on yourself and getting through all of the chaos by using these ways to overcome your wedding jitters. You’ll feel a lot happier and composed on the day of the big event if you take time to work through your nerves before tying the knot.