The commute to work every day can be a painful experience, especially if there are traffic issues, train and bus delays, cancellations, etc. If those methods of transport are packed full of fellow commuters, minutes can seem like hours, too. You need to find ways to take your mind off the mundane and make time go faster.

With that in mind, here are five ways that tech can keep you busy on the work commute; some related to work, others as a distraction from the upcoming working day:

Read up on Industry News

There is no doubt that you will have your smartphone with you, so make the most of it! Head to your favorite websites and blogs and catch up with all of the latest news from your industry, and make notes, email yourself links and generally try to get a headstart before the working day begins. By the time you get to work, you’ll have plenty of extra knowledge and content at your disposal, and if your workplace has a morning meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to wow them with your up-to-date expert knowledge.

Online Gaming

If you fancy doing something a little fun and risque to kill the boredom of the commute to work, online gaming could be just the ticket. Whether you’re going to bet on sports or head to an online casino, sites like have created a safe, fun and engaging environment for people who love to have a flutter but without sitting at machines all day. Perfect for a work commute, and if you win, you’ll be buzzing through the morning without any need for a coffee fix. You can also visit Unibet for interesting games.

Do Some Shopping

There’s a reason the high street has suffered in the last decade or so. Online shopping has become so easy and so much fun, that you can spend hours on your smartphone, tablet or laptop searching for things you love or never knew you needed. Online shopping via your smartphone on the commute to work is a fun way to switch off and see the time disappear quickly, and you never know, you might get a new pair of trainers and some cool DVDs out of it, too.

Update Your Social Media

There are two ways you can go about this one. If you have access to the social media accounts of your workplace, you can research, create and share some posts via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and keep those sites updated. Alternatively, if you don’t have access to them, you can use your own social media accounts to keep busy on the commute. Watch a few videos shared by friends, read some articles from your favorite websites and journalists, and generally do whatever you can to stave off the boredom of staring into space while you wait for your stop.

Create Playlists for Work

If your office is the kind of workspace where you can listen to music, either throughout the office or just through your own headphones, you’re going to need to find some suitable tunes. Your commute to work is the perfect time to do this, as you’ll have nothing better to do once you’ve done all of the above. Whether you use apps like Spotify or music you already have downloaded on your phone, creating a playlist of tunes will be good fun and see the work commute time fly by pretty painlessly.