Few jobs require the balancing act like the modern-day marketer. Throw the continually evolving e-commerce industry into the mix, and it’s a full-on chaotic assault of trying to convey sentiments, executing strategies and tracking past performance.

To cut through the noise and learn practical strategies to implement in your store, here are seven podcasts about e-commerce marketing you need to check out.

Copyblogger FM

Much of marketing is about delivering powerful messaging that resonates in the minds of consumers. It’s hard to do this if your copy isn’t on point.

Part of the Rainmaker.FM group of podcasts, Copyblogger FM offers a steady dose of commentary on storytelling, content, copywriting, and SEO. However, the podcast isn’t without its abstract discussions, such as “How to Make Smarter Decisions About Your Website,” or “How to Kill Your Sales and Mess Up Your Business: Lessons from a Used Car Salesman.”

PNR: This Old Marketing

What do you get when Content Marketing Institute Founder Joe Pulizzi and CMI Chief Strategy Advisor Robert Rose get together? A no-nonsense look at the world of content marketing in under an hour.

Pulizzi and Rose dissect content marketing trends and the different ways businesses can attract—and retain—new customers. The podcast’s name, PNR: This Old Marketing,

stems from a regular episode segment called “This Old Marketing,” in which the two draws from past marketing examples and how they serve us today.

The Fizzle Show

Entrepreneurs are passionate people. Many leave lucrative situations for an uphill battle launching and growing a business. But they don’t care. They want to spend their time doing something that fulfills a more personal purpose. If you’re grinning while reading this, The Fizzle Show is for you, self-described as the podcast for “creative entrepreneurs and honest business builders who want to earn a living doing something they care about.”

The Fizzle doesn’t focus so much on specific marketing topics as how to live and conduct (market) oneself as an entrepreneur. Anyone running an online business would benefit from hearing titles like “Are You Effective or Just Busy?” and “The Danger of NOT Taking Time Off (And the Consequence of Doing It Poorly!)

The GaryVee Experience

Perhaps less actionable toward e-commerce than some of the others on this list, The GaryVee Experience is still must-listen material for any entrepreneur looking to build their brand.

Gary Vaynerchuk has built a reputation on being a brilliant businessman, social media mind and all-around digital marketer. In the GaryVee Experience, he offers marketing and business-related keynote speeches, interviews, fireside chats, and anything else that’s currently on Gary’s fiery mind.

The Take Traction Show

Relatively new in the marketing podcast scene but quickly rising is The Take Traction Show. The first 30 episodes offer advice on fulfillment, news from big tech players and the effect on the ecosystem, how to handle emotional issues, and more. The podcast is definitely accessible, but if you’re still asking “what is an e-commerce platform?” you might want to develop a bit more of an e-commerce foundation before proceeding.

eCommerce in the Trenches

Hypothetical discussion and best practices serve a purpose, but it’s always nice to learn the specific strategies and numbers behind a successful campaign. If you’re looking for the nitty-gritty information, eCommerce in the Trenches is for you. The podcast stems from host JD Crouse’s background of launching Bolder Band Headbands in 2013 with his wife and growing the store steadily since. This podcast isn’t for those who want to hear about the successful results, but rather the steps that were taken to get those results.

The Science of Social Media

Social media is still a valuable tool in the e-commerce marketer’s arsenal, so who better to listen to than the wise people at Buffer? The “weekly sandbox for social media stories, insights, experimentation, and learning” produces episodes ranging from “752,626 Facebook Ads Analyzed, How One eCommerce Store Generated 41,000 Emails and 10,000 Followers” to “6 Old School Marketing Tactics That Still Work on Social Media” and “Your Personal Brand: Why It’s the Most Important Career Asset You Own.”

Perhaps the best thing about The Science of Social Media is the knowledge it provides without consuming a chunk of your day, or arguably much worse, having to listen on 1.5x speed and ruin the experience; every episode is less than 30 minutes, and most don’t exceed 20!

We’re in an exciting age. The advent of podcasting has brought back the importance of auditory learning and re-ignited a medium of self-expression. Check out these seven podcasts to accelerate your e-commerce marketing learning curve and then keep the journey going; many valuable podcasts await.