Some companies will have a Christmas party, and some will have a New Year’s Eve party. Some might even have both! While there is usually no absolute requirement that you attend, many people do because they feel they should, or because they simply don’t have any other plans. The problem is that these parties can often be uncomfortable and boring for a variety of reasons. If you weren’t sure whether you should attend your office party this year, here are some of the reasons why it’s probably a bad idea and why you should find something else to do instead.


At a company party, the boss will usually want to give a speech. This isn’t too much of a problem as long as he or she keeps it short, but when it goes on for a long time, and everyone is standing around waiting for the party to start, it can be incredibly dull. Not only that, but these are the kinds of speeches that often include a lot of data about how well the company has performed over the past 12 months. Unless there are bonuses being handed out because of how well things have gone, it’s unlikely that anyone is really that interested. Find a party somewhere else using, and you won’t have to deal with speeches at all – you can just enjoy the party!


Getting to and from work can be a chore during the daytime, but when it is night, or at the weekend, and especially on New Year’s Eve, then sometimes the trains, buses, and the tube aren’t running as they normally would. Parking can be difficult. Taxis will be expensive. Plus, if the party is going to be held at a different location to where you usually work, it can often be in an inconvenient place that the organisers chose because of costings or because the function room can hold enough people, rather than thinking about how easy it will be for their employees to get there. If it’s a struggle getting to a party, then you’ll be stressed by the time you arrive, and you’ll be worried about getting home again too, meaning you’re unlikely to enjoy yourself.

It Can Feel Cheap

Of course, not all company New Year’s Eve parties are terrible, but one of the things that truly make a party a bad one is when it feels cheap. Even if a lot of money has been put into it but the location and venue is a poor choice, or the food is inedible, or the music just isn’t getting people up dancing, it can all feel horrible. Far from boosting company morale, this kind of party can actually lower it. If you’re wondering whether to attend, do some research on the venue first. If the reviews are bad, it might be best to stay away and find a different party to go to. There are certainly plenty to choose from, so you won’t find it difficult to find an alternative to enjoy.