The United States has come a long way from the old days when any use of cannabis was prosecuted with the utmost disdain in the country. There are now multiple US states that even allow the use and sale of recreational marijuana, while some of the other states are quite liberal in their allowance of the wholesale CBD trade because the isolates are used to make a number of beneficial supplements, food items and even important medication for some people. All this has become possible because US authorities and the people in general are realizing that in reality, cannabis hardly has any negative long-term impacts, but can be used for much, much more than just getting high. It will still take years before every state and city is onboard though, and until we get to that point, here are three of the most awesome places to plan your next vacation in and the good part is that the marijuana dispensary security is one of the top in every dispensary.

Nimbin in New South Wales, Australia

If you can be present in the small town of Nimbin during the first week of May, you will be part of MardiGrass, which is one of the most iconic social events of all time. It is dedicated to peaceful protesting against the Australia’s anti-cannabis laws. If you love anything related to cannabis, this is one event you cannot miss because it isn’t every day that you get to participate in the “Weed Olympics” and become part of a march that’s dedicated to pot!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the single most well-known and popular place for stoners and cannabis enthusiasts from all over the world, and this is pretty much as good as it gets for them. Amsterdam is one of those rare places in the modern world where you will be able to sit in a coffee shop, buy weed, and smoke it along with your cup of steaming coffee and a delicious space cake. Unknown to many, weed is actually illegal in The Netherlands, with the exception of just one rule and that has made it the pot capital of the world; the coffeeshops can sell up to a maximum of 5 grams to each customer.

The Whole Island of Jamaica

From beautiful, luxurious beaches to brilliant seafood, the Caribbean Islands have everything to offer to its vacationers, which includes marijuana and CBD as well. Although it’s illegal to possess and smoke weed in Jamaica, you will hardly ever find anyone who is willing to enforce that law. Besides, the possession and sale of cannabis products was decriminalized more than three years ago in 2015. If you love your weed, you will always be able to find it here, as you go about exploring the joys of the gorgeous island and find out what really inspired Bob Marley.

Honorable mentions that did not make it onto the list include Ibiza in Spain, Lisbon in Portugal and Prague in the Czech Republic. Keep in mind that USA’s own Colorado, which is considered by many to be the pot capital in the country, was not included because this is a list of international vacation spots for the cannabis lovers. If you are more interested in smoking pot and enjoying a vacation without leaving the States, then Colorado and California are two of the best places to be in right now.