Blood Manor’s Krampus (19)

This holiday season celebrate your naughty and nice side with two vastly different interactive experiences: Blood Manor’s Krampus and Santa’s Broadway Photo Factory.

Begin the journey on the naughty side with Blood Manor, New York City’s premier haunted attraction. KRAMPUS ventures where naughty are taken and thrust face to face with characters found in nightmares. The legend goes that every Christmas season Krampus, a half goat half demon, visits with a sack to steal New Yorkers and surrounding state millennials who have misbehaved each year. The creature drowns them, eats them and feeds limbs to the demons transporting them to hell. Sounds festive, eh?

Blood Manor’s Krampus (12)

This journey is part haunted house and part escape room in that you are given a mission to collect coins from the rooms of terror in order for Krampus to allow you to exit. Obtaining these coins is a cat and mouse game with a bevy of insane characters. A physically deformed toy soldier, a psychotic elf, a near naked-furry man and an emotionally unstable nymph are all ready to make you face your darkest fears giving you warnings that Krampus could be hiding around any corner.

Blood Manor’s Krampus (9)

Unlike Blood Manor’s Halloween attraction, the Christmas interactive experience mixes fear while attempting to stimulate the libido. You heard that right! There are enough sexual innuendos to make you wonder if Christian Gray himself will pop out of his red room. One minute you’re screaming bloody murder and the next are being asked to get on both knees by a shirtless dude with a whip in order to pass. Some naughty by creepy nature!

Blood Manor’s Krampus (7)

Inevitably you will find your way to Krampus, so good luck when you meet the demon himself and as you make your way through be sure to take in the wildly creative sets and spot-on character make-up.

Blood Manor’s Krampus (13)

After you exit the horror house you can choose to enter a completely different world that could only be described as the sea of swirly-twirly gum drops from Elf. Santa’s Broadway Photo Factory is a special family-friendly event for all ages that gets you into the Christmas spirit.

Blood Manor’s Krampus (18)

Tour staged rooms that look like holiday greeting card sets perfect for the gram. Stunning artistry by D’mon Borkel adorn the walls and decorations include include a New York State of Mind scene, plump snowmen and reindeer, a dancing jolly elf, plump Santa’s lap and dozens of lit tinsel trees.

Blood Manor Krampus is open 7PM to 10PM on December 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 28 29 and 30. Santa’s Broadway Photo Factory is open 11AM to 5PM on December 15, 16,22, and 23 and from 12PM to 4PM on December 27, 28, 29 and 30. 

Santa’s Broadway Photo Factory is open 11AM to 5PM on December 15, 16,22, and 23 and from 12PM to 4PM on December 27, 28, 29 and 30. 

– Lauren

Photos by Socially Superlative