Working with high voltage electricity and in occupations that expose you the hazards of electrical shock or fire means wearing the right protective clothing. Comfortable t-shirts that protect you from hazards and fit well are a plus for anyone that has to be on the move. Below are seven reasons you should pick Rasco’s flame retardant t-shirts.

Comfortable 100 Percent Cotton Fit

Nothing else fits quite as well as cotton. 100 percent cotton t-shirts offer the best protection from moisture buildup by wicking it away from the skin. It’s beneficial in summer and winter. Less moisture buildup on the skin leaves you less vulnerable to electrical shocks and events. The long-sleeve design allows for maximum protection and moisture wicking.

Electrical and Fire Hazard Safety Certified

Keeping yourself safe from burns and electrocution are important for anyone working with electrical equipment, power stations, or any area that can experience arc flash. The Rasco FR t-shirts are certified NFPA 70E and NFPA 2112 standard meeting garments given the Hazard Category 2 designation. It means that the t-shirts are designed to offer protection from electrical burns, arc flash events, and fire. It’s an added part of your wardrobe that safeguards against injuries.

Breathable for Summer, Warm for Winter

You will find these t-shirts offer a breathable fabric that keeps you from overheating in the summer, or in an environment that is enclosed and warm. You’ll also enjoy the warmth it adds during the colder months. It’s a versatile all-season shirt that lasts.

Perfect Attire for Offices and Field Work

The design and creation of this t-shirt are made to fit in a way that is perfect for use in offices, commercial settings, and field environments. It looks professional and can be worn with all types of uniform accessories. Safety vests, back braces, and other work-related devices won’t hamper the comfort and fit.

Pocketed Casual T-Shirt

Although you get a professional look with the Rasco, the feel is casual and carefree. The long sleeves help provide maximum protection in all situations of electrical or fire hazard. The pocket allows you to stow away a notepad, calculator, pen, or other business-related item or small tool. You can also use it to keep your glasses handy. You’ll wonder how you got by without a pocketed t-shirt in the past.

Choose Colors Suited to Your Business or Personal Use

Color choices are important when it comes to having clothing items that match with other uniform requirements. You can choose from assortments like khaki and navy. The t-shirts are comfortable enough to wear under other clothing, so layering is an option when it’s colder. No matter what color you choose, you’ll look great from the start of your day to the end.

Great Size Selections

Size is important when getting protective clothing items, especially for safeguarding against arc flash incidences. The clothing needs to be loose enough that you have a barrier of air between the cloth and skin. You can choose from sizes small to 5XL. It’s one of the biggest selections of size available to suit nearly anyone.

Check out some of the latest in fire retardant t-shirt designs by Rasco Rasco by going to Take a look at the quality and protection available at affordable prices. Never compromise on the safety of the fire retardant clothing you need by choosing lesser quality. You can now have an excellent t-shirt at a price that’s reasonable.