Over the past two decades, the internet has transformed from a relatively private form of entertainment to extremely public. There are technology companies in every sector that request for you to agree to specific terms of service before utilizing certain offerings. With this said, these organizations can recommend an endless amount of services to you due to advanced algorithms. Your history across the internet has provided these companies with an internet profile specifically catered to your tastes and behaviors. Whatever you purchase on Amazon becomes intertwined with the type of social media posts that you make. If your social media posts consist of particular shows, do not be surprised if you see them in your recommendations the next time you log in to Netflix. Entertainment personalities such as David Guillod have observed how consumer behavior dictates the type of recommendations consumers receive in this new age of entertainment.

Keeping Tabs on Your Entertainment

Many consumers are still under the impression that behavior online does not have any consequences outside of specific mediums. For instance, some people believe that the content that one shares on Twitter have nothing to do with the advertisements one sees over time. This type of online behavior is ever-present with television streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. As opposed to mining data from other services that you use, they keep tabs on your viewing history to create better recommendations for you. The next time you use one of these services, check out the suggestions that have been made for you. They likely relate to shows you have watched in the past and are eerily accurate.

In the information age, any data that you provide to these companies is invaluable for market research. These organizations take cumulative viewing habits and determine which shows are performing correctly. This information is also used to figure out which shows should be canceled or renewed. Furthermore, this data allows studios to determine the type of shows that should be aired during particular seasons and times of the year.

Deleting Your Entertainment History

For the aforementioned services, your data is an integral part of these business models if you were not already aware. With this said, try deleting your history every so often to re-calibrate the recommendations that you receive. If you were sharing your account with a friend that no longer uses this account, you may be receiving recommendations that do not make sense for your viewing tastes.