There are lots of reasons as to why someone might prefer to stand out from the crowd at an event, rather than just blend into the background. Perhaps you’re up and coming on the club scene and are looking to make a name for yourself or an influencer who is looking to network at a party, or maybe you just want to be noticed, wherever the night may take you because you feel at your best when standing in the limelight. Whatever your motivations for wanting to make your presence known are, here are just a few of the many things that you can do to make sure that people will remember your name.

Feel at your best.

If you leave the house in a last minute rush, having taken no time to properly prepare yourself and create the right aesthetic, then you’re not going to be feeling like your best self. Taking the time to properly groom yourself and put your look together in a way that makes you feel in control isn’t just about vanity: it’s about creating an air of self-respect to boost your self-esteem and show others that you respect yourself. Turning up in a thrown together outfit isn’t going to make the first impression that you need. So put on some perfume or cologne for men, piece together your favorite outfit and make sure to leave the house having properly executed your hair, nails and face routine.

Be bold, but not tacky.

Confidence is the key to standing out, but where is the line between memorable extrovert and class clown? Well, the answer lies in reading the room. Get to know the kind of crowd you’re mixing with before making any hasty decisions about how to make your mark. Some clubs are all about the wild nights and crazy stunts, whereas other parties may emphasize sophistication. Know what audience you’re playing to, and you’ll have a better understanding of what you need to do to impress while not venturing too far into the extreme. 

Be you.

While sometimes it may seem like a better idea to put on a persona and pretend to have a whole other personality for a night, these kinds of behaviors can very quickly become unsustainable. If you’re spending your night working from false truths, you’re likely to slip up at some point accidentally. Not only that but if you’re making genuine connections with people then you don’t want the foundation of your friendships to be based on lies or falsehoods. People are always more confident when they are inhabiting their most authentic selves, so try just to be comfortable expressing yourself as you are.

Greet people immediately.

Your entrance into a social setting is key to defining who you are as a person. If you’ve never been to an event with a group of people before, then being the mysterious type might seem like a good plan of action, but in reality, it could just make you seem unapproachable. Saying hello to people you know and introducing yourself to new people from the get-go will show you to be a sociable and friendly person that people will want to connect with.