2018 Olana Gala at the Rainbow Room in NYC

When you’re in your twenties, thirties or beyond, choosing to live in the city is an attractive lifestyle choice. 

It can be a no-brainer for most. With everything on your doorstep, there is no need to drive anywhere. You have bars, restaurants and cafes on your doorsteps, and if you work in the city center, you don’t need to suffer commuter life

City life sure may be glamorous, busy and bustling, but it is an expensive life too. With rents and bills across urban accommodation increasingly getting higher, it can seem impossible to be financially stable.

Here are several key tips for staying on track and saving money while not having to compromise the joys of city life:

Budget like a pro

The best way to start a budget is to figure out what you typically spend the most money on. Is it going out for dinners? Popping out for expensive coffees too often? Spending too much on clothes?

Track your spending patterns during a fortnightly period and see where the peaks are. Then, whittle it down to what can realistically be cut down. Set yourself limits to what you can spend on food, socializing, clothing, beauty treatments, home items, supermarket shops and anything else you spend money on. 

Most people don’t physically start budgeting until they have something written down on paper or a spreadsheet designed on the computer to revert to. There are also many apps these days, which can help control your daily budgets. 

Don’t close yourself from spending on the things you enjoy completely. Remember its all about balance. You can still treat yourself to that monthly pedicure or put a put a bet on lottery jackpots; it’s just about doing everything in moderation. 

Enjoy walking and seek free activities

The beauty of living in the city is that you can take advantage of getting around on foot. If you don’t like walking much, now is the time to learn. 

See it as an opportunity to get free exercise, and plan out walking routes which give you nicer views or more interesting places to explore on the way. 

There are so many more benefits to being outside and walking around than you may think. Not only does it cut back on taxis, buses, and trains, but it also gives you a chance to give a friend or family member a call, meet new people, take in fresh air and learn more about your city. 

Most cities have lots of free activities going on at different times of the year, too. Google them and jot them down. 

Take your own coffee out with you

When you live in the city, you have some of the best coffee shops surrounding you. It’s just too easy to be lured in by the fresh smell of roasted coffee beans and grab a large latte to go. 

At the time, coffee might seem like such a small expense. But if you enjoy take-out coffees a few times a week, it can really add up. Get yourself a stylish flask and practice getting in the habit of bringing your flask filled with coffee out with you. It might take a while to fight temptation, but if you add up the funds you have saved at the end of the month, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Live in a place you can afford

The problem with city living is that you tend to be aware that all city center homes and apartments are higher priced, so you just go for the one you like the look of the most. However, most of your money will be going on rent, so if you can cut back, even by just 10%, that extra money could go towards your savings.

Look at apartments or houses a little further out from your central location and assess how much you would save.

Be savvy with bar and restaurant deals

If you walk past various cafes, bars or restaurants regularly while exploring the city, always look at how you can get special offers. Look online to see if there are certain days of the week they run daily specials, or if you can get hold of a discount code by following the establishments’ social media pages. 

Some restaurants and bars might have a certain evening where they dedicate their menus to 2-4-1 offers. Get to know these, and plan in visiting on these specific days. 

Do you have any extra tips when it comes to saving money in the city? If so, do share with us below!