Do you feel like your home is too big or do you simply have too much space going to waste? Don’t worry if you do because plenty of people have been in the same position and you do have plenty of options if you want to downsize. From residential park homes to bungalows let’s look at what you can move to if you want to downsize.

But before we look at your smaller housing options it’s important that you know exactly why you want to downsize. Are you looking to retire soon and would like a smaller home, are you paying a mortgage or renting for a bigger property you simply don’t need anymore or are you just looking for a change?

That’s just a few of the possibilities but it’s important you know what you want from downsizing. Yes, you will want less space but that won’t be the sole reason for many people. So, think about what you want from your new smaller home and then use that to help you search for your ideal downsized property. So, with that in mind let’s now take a look at your options when it comes to downsizing.


One of the best options for people who want to downsize is a bungalow. While they aren’t quite as common as they used to be these days there are still plenty around in many towns and cities and a bungalow offers some amazing benefits for people who want to downsize.

Getting rid of the whole second floor and the need for stairs will give you a smaller more compact home. Best of all, some modern bungalows still have extra storage space if you do need it. However, bungalows can be hard to find especially if you want to stick to a specific location and they can be quite expensive.

Residential Park Homes 

Residential park homes are ideal for people who are looking to downsize as they get older especially if they have retired or are planning to soon. Park homes have a reputation in some circles for being very old-fashioned by nowadays they are actually quite modern and stylish.

They are also usually one of the more affordable options when it comes to downsizing as well. One of the biggest benefits of residential park homes is that they provide a real sense of community as well which can be ideal if you are looking for a more laidback, relaxed lifestyle.

You might have stayed in a park home during your holidays and while they are similar residential park homes offer many great benefits that can make them the ideal place to downsize to. They are often on the cheaper options and ideal for people looking for a more peaceful, quieter neighborhood. 

Many of the potential issues with park homes won’t really bother people looking to downsize either. For example, their smaller size is often cited as a disadvantage but that is what you really want isn’t it? However, one of the issues with park homes is that their locations can vary so depending on where you want to live you might only have very limited options.


Motorhomes and RVs make great places to downsize however if you have never really stayed in one before then they can be difficult to adjust to. You might have stayed in a motorhome during your holidays but living in one will be a very different experience. So, I wouldn’t advise motorhomes for everyone, but they will certainly help when it comes to downsizing.

Motorhomes can be expensive though and you will also need a site for your home to stay in as well. But at the same time, motorhomes can move from place to place without issue so if you ever feel like moving you can quite literally take your home with you. 

So, that completes our look at your main options when it comes to downsizing. Each option is quite unique so think carefully. Downsizing is something many people feel the need to do as they get older but at the same time it isn’t exclusive to just older people. So, whatever your age if you want to downsize any of the options, we’ve looked at are certainly worth pursuing.