DISASSEMBLED by Alexander Kargaltsev

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12:00 AM- 11:59 PM

Fridman Gallery
287 Spring Street
New York NY


Artist’s Talk with Hunter O’Hanian: Sunday, October 22, 5pm
Opening Reception: Sunday, October 22, 6-8pm

A Russian-born photographer Alexander Kargaltsev brings a collection of works in the photographic technique of his own invention in DISASSEMBLED, his third one-man exhibition in New York City. The portfolio of over 50 unique prints, showing male and female nudes, was prepared through a meticulous process of manually removing and resetting the Polaroid emulsion on a new background. The works featured in DISASSEMBLED have a feel of the art prints rather than photographs. The reclining poses of the naked models recall the Old Masters’ drawings. The nudes are shown from multiple viewpoints, their bodies no longer a sum of their parts. The artist uses this treatment as a metaphor for the dismemberment and defenseless of the human dignity and spirit in Putin’s Russia. The artist embarked on this project in reaction to recent mass murders of gays in Chechnya, as well as to the troubling odds of Trump’s election in 2016 and Putin’s shoe-in reelection in 2018. As part of DISASSEMBLED, he created a website tracking the chances of Putin’s electoral victory based on data tabulated by the British bookmakers. (https://bookie-bonus-code.co.uk/russian-presidential-election-2018-putins-chances-based-odds/)

DISASSEMBLED by Alexander Kargaltsev

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