Randy Writes a Novel

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He has headlined with Neil Patrick Harris at Montreal’s Just For Laughs, won Outstanding Show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, starred on his own Netflix show in the UK, and been nominated (controversially) for the Australian equivalent of an Emmy. Now felt-faced comedy sensation RANDY sets his sights on conquering the US with the premiere of RANDY WRITES A NOVEL beginning April 18 at Theatre Row’s Clurman Theatre.

After being married, divorced, arrested, kidnapped and thrown from a moving hovercraft, occasionally sober entertainer Randy has just written his first novel and he wants to share a staged reading of it with you. Cursed with stage fright, he begins rambling and ends up sharing a memorable – and very funny, not to mention very adult – discourse on everything from Buddhist thought to the wisdom of McDonald’s home delivery service to whether Hemingway’s artistic genius was enough to compensates for him being a terrible human being. Randy may share the complexion of Barney the Dinosaur, but RANDY WRITES A NOVEL promises to leave you questioning the meaning of life.

An amusing, profanity-laden existential crisis.” Time Out NY

“It’s an absolutely hilarious comedy show, and is worthy of all the praise it’s received in the years leading up to this Off-Broadway production. It’s one of the funniest events I’ve attended over the past year or so, and strongly encourage you to attend, interact, and be prepared to laugh!” – On Stage Blog

“This is cheek sore, solar plexus spasm funny. This is laughter therapy that exfoliates grumpy out of your psychological wardrobe…I loved every single second of it.” – Stage Biz

★★★★ “A daring experiment that subtly reinvents the entire notion of stand-up comedy.” – The Skinny

★★★★★ “The combined skills of stand-up and puppetry
are what makes this a captivating hour.” –The Herald

Randy Writes a Novel

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