September 4th: So much sugary wonderfulness was wrapped into Abigail Lorick‘s spring collection that if I had some of those St. Germain cocktails in me, I would plunk down my Amex right now and buy the whole line. Truthfully, I will buy a dress as soon as I can, because they were absolutely, breaktakingly, gorgeous. There were perfect printed Duchess satin in floating dresses and high waisted ankle pants fit for tea and croquet.

Abigail Lorick launched her Lorick line in 2007 and quickly became tapped to become Gossip Girl‘s darling designer, the line behind all of “Eleanor Waldorf’s” collection. Margaret Colin, who plays Eleanor, showed up on time, while Nicole Fiscella and Amanda Setton, who play Blair’s ex-friends, Isabel and Penelope, arrived later to show support for the collection. Both girls are more beautiful in person; I dorkily scored a picture with the two (“umm…would you…ummm mind if I took a picture with you to?”), as the girls were extremely gracious. Seeing as I live under a cultural rock, Gossip Girl has the only celebrities that gets me in a tizzy when I see them in real life. But let’s get back to the important stuff, the party and the clothes!

Lorick went the route of a presentation, rather than a formal fashion show. Presentations, where models stand in the clothes amongst a set design for the buyers and press to gawk at, has become increasingly popular over the past few years. I suppose, if you make it big to the Bryant park tents, it’s required to do a formal catwalk show, but a presentation is much more practical. First, no one has to be on time. People can come and go, which allows for more people to come in. second, you can actually examine your favorite looks in detail and take time to enjoy them. Lastly, you can just talk amongst your friends and compare notes, rather than just whispering in the ear of the person sitting next to you.

They started off professionally, with six decadent scenes designed by Peter Klein depicting prim elegance with chaotic destruction. There was a beautiful forest scene with a mossy pond and bathtubs; but the models held flasks and languidly stared off. The corner held black and white tvs stacked together and adorned with beautiful yellow chandeliers, but a multitude of glasses with red wine took up every inch of table top, and broken shards laid across the floor. All of the models sported huge, puffy, messy chignons by Rodney from Culter, who “knows how to make a bun as big as the sun.”

Everyone’s favorite scene was the cake mess; there was a kitchen with sweets provided by Cake Alchemy, and five models dressed in the most gorgeous pastel dresses. All the photographers snapped away and egged the models to eat cake and make a scene. They really needed no prodding, as they were picking up everything they could find to eat; they favored the sugar flowers, but always poked their fingers into the cake and sucked the delightfully for the camera. They drew quite the crowd who was probably wondering “why can’t I have any cake?” and “are they going to vomit that back up in the bathroom?” One of the girls had a gorgeous purple tutu and bright robin egg blue eyeshadow (Make Up Forever does the best costume makeup) who enthusiastically posed for anything including pictures with my friend (seriously call me, babe, you were awesome).

The other great scene was a bedroom with stacked mattresses and a vanity table, where the only model legal to drink was also approximately 90 years old, and by far the most popular girl at the party. Grandma got interviewed by Nylon TV, and grabbed the mic and just started hamming it up. Unlike the other models who were paid to sit there with a fixed expression of their face, Grandma was just constantly surrounded by guests who all wanted to talk exclusively to her.

Any girl who likes to feel pretty, yet stylish must check out Lorick this season and next!

Also, I dropped by the afterparty at Kingswood, which is a hip Aussie restaurant. The space was lovely, but the party was held downstairs, which is a low ceilinged, edgier, and very smokey sort of feel. Glass cabinents with gemstones and rocks adorn the space, and the music was random, so I decided to go to bed early and attack today’s round of fashion shows. See you at the tents!

<3 alice

(photos by Von)