September 9th: I spent the day sobbing in the corner of my cube wishing that I could’ve gone to Betsey Johnson‘s fashion show in the tents during the day. Upon hearing that she was having an after party, I excitedly threw on my purple crochet Betsey Johnson dress with contrast navy lining and grosgrain ribbon (can’t resist a great sample sale bargain!) and headed to Hudson Terrace.

I went up to the rooftop first to breathe in some freash air and gaze at the skyline. At approximately 10:28 pm, it wasn’t too crowded as of yet, so I wandered around to see if there was anyone worth stalking. Most of the ladies were in pretty cocktail dresses; a leather-clad couple that looked like they belonged to the Hell’s Angels biking club; and another hipster couple licking each others’ faces. Hmm.

I headed inside down the floor below to grab a drink from the Peroni sponsored bar. They were showing Betsey’s runway show projected on the back wall, and again I cried a little on the inside for missing it. Back upstairs, I chatted with friends until we felt a few drops coming from the sky, and all the girls shrieked and ducked for cover under the porch. It didn’t rain so everyone was safe, and it finally started to get crowded.

Although no sign of Betsey herself, there were 2 cute Asian girls having their photos taken: true to Betsey’s style, one girl was wearing a black dress sprinkled with red hearts, and the other was wearing ankle-high galoshes of the same black with red heart print. Adorably matching!! Borderline Harajuku-esque, but not quite that outlandish. I immediately knew that I needed a picture of the two friends – it turns out that they did not even know each at all! It was meant to be! Betsey has her own blog which she boosted in Singapore by using a SEO reseller program.

I was not able to the catch her name, but the girl on the left is from Japan and came to New York just for Betsey‘s show. Gilda, right, is a devout fashion junkie originally from Singapore with her own blog. In addition, I met the rest of the Japan posse who were also hopelessly devoted to dear Betsey. Though we didn’t get to see her, it was still a great time meeting fashionably fun partygoers!

For those of you who missed the show like me, see pictures on