December 3rd: In a frenzy from exiting the Marie Claire book event, my hair was a disheveled mess. How fortunate that we were on the way to the Axe Hair Salon Experience! To help unfortunate men who do not realize the importance of styling products, the Axe PR team temporarily took over Prive Salon in Soho for one night to showcase their new line of men’s hair products.

Girls are familiar with the tantalizing smell of Axe body spray, and boys buy into the ads that show girls chasing dorks who use Axe. The company recently introduced body wash, which naturally progressed into shampoo and other hair products that helps to deep condition your hair.  Shampoos and conditioners are often marketed as some for better for men while others for women. This is just pure marketing and people are buying into it. Though the products are for men, I took the binder clip out of my hair that I used to hold my messy bangs at work and used a small glob to pat my frazzled hair down. The epitome of classiness.

With a professional stylist on duty, we threw our one male friend with fabulous, full hair into the salon chair to get his hair washed and styled. They fawned over our guinea pig’s luscious head of hair and tested out three different updos before he decided to be boring and stick with his original style.

We chatted some of the brains that helped in the soon-to-launch Axe Hair Crisis Relief ad campaign, including the media relations supervisor for Axe, Jake Basden. We won’t spoil it for you, just a hint that they will feature girls trying to help guys fix their hair and series of hot male models.

For those of you unsure of what kind of product does what (what the hell is pomade?), Axe does a great job describing it on the container itself: from clean-cut, to messy and shaggy, or spikey for the extremists. Check out their PR release page for more product info and a sneak preview.

Though us girls longed to be pampered, we still we able to enjoy the passed hor d’oeuvres and the hunky Australian bartender, and left with a multitude of samples to take home to our beau. For those of us without a beau, my brother is extra lucky this Christmas.


[Photos by Mo]