December 10th: Ever wish you could enjoy delicious Japanese pastries while shopping for modern furniture?  Now you can, at the BoConcept store!  BoConcept is teaming up with award-winning Japanese dessert bar and bakery, Kyotofu, and opening up kiosk stations within the stores to serve some of their finest Japanese delicacies.

We celebrated the launch of this collaboration in their Chelsea location, and in 2009 they will start rolling out these kiosks to all other stores, including Soho (where we were for their last event), the UES, DUMBO, Midtown, and 2 other non-Manhattan locations.

We ventured around the store admiring the oh-so modern furniture, sophistically put together in designed concept rooms for inspiration.  The gracious staff brought out trays of their signature desserts, including mini miso chocolate cakes, chocolate souffle cupcakes and yuzu-vanilla and coconut cupcakes, and chocolate/green tea and black sesame/red bean macaroons.

Also in rotation were their chicken and cucumber sliders, quiches, and salmon sushi, and behind the register they had freshly brewed Japanese teas and coffee. For those itching for something more potent, they served Ty-Ku, an Asia-inspired liqueur infused with teas and citrus fruits for a lightly fresh taste.  And the award-winning bottle design lights up!

To buy these treats en masse, find a location near you.


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