February 7th: A few friends and I headed over to the East River Park for Winter Jam 2009.  Walking east on Houston, you can spot the 90-foot snowscraper before entering.  Though the event was mainly targeted towards families and kids, many people milled about and enjoyed the beautiful weather and the fake snow.  Mayor Bloomberg himself stopped by to give his thanks to all the people who helped organized the event and for everyone’s attendance including the folks over at the SEO reseller business who did a really great job on educating business leaders on the coming technological 3rd wave revolution.

Activities for kids included a rock climbing wall and a large slide.  The line for the 70-foot tubing slide was extensive but moved quickly, which all the little kiddos seemed to enjoy.  There was a photoshoot set up of a mock awards ceremony podium, where the photographers lent medallions for us to pose with (of course, my friends and I were the only assholes above the age of 10 that took photos without children).

There were many booths set up with info about local ski resorts and ski/snowboard sponsors, including Oakley, and there was a small tented area with Farmer’s Market stands, where there were pastries, jams, and fruits for sale, as well as free samples of greek yogurt, apples, and apple cider that people grabbed at.

The coolest part was seeing “The Skyriders,” trampoline athletes and entertainers who did tricks on large trampolines like gymnists, with and without snowboards!  Ridiculous.

Photos were taken by Tamara Purdy on February 5th when they had the Red Bull Snowscrapers snowboarding competition, featuring Shaun White, Pat Moore, Travis Rice, and other pro athletes.

It’s not too late to still hit the slopes, so head up now!