February 11th: The Socially Superlative crew made our way over to the ESPN Zone in Time Square for the USA v. Mexico World Cup qualifying game.  The place was bustling with game-day excitement!  We were greeted by hot hostesses sporting Mexican-flag-green combo of track jacket & bootyshorts, which certainly got the crowd in the mood.  Don’t say we didn’t invite you, because we did!

Hosted by Jose Cuervo Tradicional, guests enjoyed drinks mixed with this intense breed of tequila.  The Diablo was some sort of concoction of tequila and red sugary-ness that, indeed, tasted devilish.  At first the lines for the bar were long, but eventually the bartenders were freely pouring margaritas by the pitcher-full and the hostesses were making their way around with trays of more diablos.

I made a beeline to the food where they were serving up chicken tenders with ranch dressing, egg rolls with sweet and sour sauce, and platters of assorted cheeses, meats, and crackers.  We fought for one of the Cuervo-branded gold soccer balls and took digital pictures that were printed out for us on the spot.

One guy tried to tip a strikingly hot girl who passed him a cocktail, but she refused and dejectedly said that they were not allowed to accept any tips.  What?! We asked why, and she batted her long sultry eyelashes and with her Brazilian accent sadly said, “I don’t know… it’s just our policy.”  Heartbreaking!  But, I’m sure if you made it up to her by asking her out on date, she certainly wouldn’t have minded.

We watched Mexico take on the US to no avail; thanks to studly Michael Bradley, the US won the game 2-0, their second goal nearing the end of the game to solidify their win.  Cheers!