February 12th: It’s time for Fashion Week here in New York!  Although Fashion Week technically starts on Friday the 13th, Nary Manivong held his Autumn/Winter 2009 presentation a day early on Thursday.  We thoroughly enjoyed the presentation last season, so we decided to go back for Round Two.

Inspired by the ’80s, Manivong’s combines the “attitude, energy, and elegance of the decade with classic cinematic styles.”   A retro feeling with a fresh, contemporary twist, Manivong has “created a collection with a distinctively sensual, modern aesthetic.  It is all about shape; feminine, youthful, hard but soft.”

Focusing on solids in strong, powerful colors, the silhouettes were simple but clean.  The models were posed so that viewers could take their time looking at each outfit and taking all the necessary photos.  Thought I can’t imagine how the models stood so long in their spunky Michael Antonio shoes, as sassy as they were.  A few of the models started swaying to the beats spun by DJ Jesse Marco, but their dancing were unfortunately limited by their posing.

Attendees enjoyed the Trump vodka open bar and left with a gift certificate to Blow Salon, who also did the models’s hair.  Since I certainly won’t look as good in the slinky dresses as the models, I can at least get my hair done and pretend I look good.  After the success of the presentation, the after party was held at Goldbar to cap off the night!

A documentary entitled Dressed features Manivong and his story of how he came to be where he is today.  Beginning with a broken childhood that took a turn for the worst, Manivong beat all odds in order to get to where he is today with this inspiring account of pursuing his passions and dreams in the bustling world of the fashion industry.  Check out the movie’s blog to get behind-the-scene footage.


The great photos provided by Johanna via flickr.com