February 13th: With all the talk about the recession and the faltering economy that have affected the fashion industry, we were afraid to see what Fashion Week may have been reduced to.  Many runway shows have been reduced to “presentations” where stoic models stand for hours on end.  We were especially sad to hear that many big designers, such as Vera Wang and Betsey Johnson, moved their runway shows outside of the Bryant Park tents in an effort to reduce costs.  Not only that, but for next season, Fashion Week will now be held in Lincoln Center – the new venue for smaller, more intimate shows.

Fortunately, this was not the case for the Jordi Scott Fall/Winter 2009 runway show!  With the motto “Everything sux… so let’s dance,” we did just that Friday night.  The show was held at Arena and it was executed as wonderfully as it was last season, so why mess with a great recipie?

Before the show, attendees enjoyed the music spun by DJ Schuller, where I danced in my chair with my drink waiting for the “Infamous” show to start.  The first few models wore clothing that could be very wearable: slinky tunics and dresses, casual punky tees, and cardigans for a touch of fall.  Not so much the tights with the huge gaping holes, unless you’re going for the underpaid hooker look, but that was just for show.  The tables then turned and the clothing got a little bit more outrageous, especially the shiny “Elvira” catsuit-like outfit and studded leather pants, which matched lovely with the models’s animalistic hair by Taylor Sloan.

One of the models looked vaguely familiar, which is odd as I don’t typically hang out with models (well, not that often).  As she made her exit and twirled her teased hair, I realized that it was Jaslene Gonzalez, winner the 8th cycle of America’s Next Top Model!  Then, I looked across the catwalk and saw a youthful looking boy with a VIP badge, who was none other than Connor Paolo, aka Eric van der Woodsen of Gossip Girl.

When Jordi and Starr came out for the traditional designers’s bow at the end of the runway show, they did something decidedly untraditional: silly string!!  They sprayed the entire audience and invited their friends on stage for a rave.  Everyone proceeded to dance along to the throbbing strobe lights, and seemingly out of nowhere there emerged a stripper pole where some ladies decided to show of their skills.  Definitely a great runway show finale!


Jaslene Gonzalez

Conner Paolo