February 18th: I walked down Little West 12th Street towards for the Catherine Fulmer Fall/Winter 2009 Ready-to-Wear Presentation at Buddha Bar. As I approached the velvet rope that blocked me from the entrance, I looked around to find someone to let me in but only saw only model-esque guests smoking outside, clearly not wanting to be bothered.

I was contemplating just hurling myself over the rope when one striking gentleman turned around and asked politely if I was there for the presentation.  I was shocked: did they also hire models to man the door nowadays?

Taking a look at all the guests in attendance, it seemed as though everyone was a model!  All the girls were gorgeous, rail-thin with distinctly model features and nothing less than couture clothing.  In the bathroom I spied on even more girls chatting away discussing the presentation and noted that their accents were European.  Of course!

Although I felt like I already saw a presentation by stalking members of the audience, I made my way to the real presentation where photographers were snapping photos of the models posing in the corner.  The collection focused mainly on key items and separates, pairing skinny fits with draping layers.  Each piece was highly versatile and easy to dress up or down to suit any ocassion.


Photos courtesy of WWD.