February 20th: As everyone knows, Italians are experts in the two most important things in life: fashion and fine dining.  We’ve gotten our dose of fashion due to Fashion Week, so this Friday we were able to relax and treat ourselves to a magnificent wine tasting!  Hosted by Luca Maroni, Italian leading wine expert, author, publisher, and Italian TV personality, the Cipriani’s on East 42nd Street held the second annual Sensofwine New York for a free-for-all tasting of top Italian wine producers.

In total, there were about 40 different stations set up for us to try all different brands and types of wine, brought together by Alta Cucina, an epicurean society for members who want to explore, share, and celebrate premium Italian cuisine and wines.  Celebrate, we did!

Some vendors had representatives available to tell all about the kinds of grapes, the region grown, and all about the wine is made.  To highlight only a few of the many, my favorites included samples from Costa del Faena and Vinvino Wine Company.  Also, the prosecco from Cantine Riondo proved to be very popular and delicious!

Nearing the end of the night, I discovered a new type of sparking wine from red grapes called lambrusco.  I tried a glass by Monte delle Vigne, which was quite delightful!  A delicious, sweet red wine with a kick of bubbles, it’s recommended as a dessert wine but of course can be enjoyed for any occasion.

After my first few glasses, I needed a quick break to satiate my hunger.  There was a separate room set up for food, a sampling of meats and assorted fancy cheeses with bread.  The idea was to pair the food with the wine, but because of the crowd and the juggling of glasses and plates, it proved too difficult to eat and drink simultaneously.  After finishing my food, we went back for a second round of more wine!

Everyone in attendance was having a great time and I eavesdropped on many people speaking Italian, proving further that this was an authentically Italian event.  I was able to talk to a few of the other guests, and I met one Italian man, appropriately named Fabio.

From across the room, I eyed cute, small bottles of prosecco that were being saved for the end to be passed out to a select few guests.  I batted my eyes and was discretely given a bottle to take home – unfortunately, I could not contain my excitement and caused a scene where flocks of people noticed what was going on and started hounding the poor guy.

What can I say: I must be a trend setter.