February 27th: The second annual New York Wine Expo was held at one of the enormous halls of the Javits Center, and what a spectacle it was!  Wine enthusiasts, whether professional sommeliers or casual wine drinkers, were all in attendance and having a great time trying samples of more than 600 different wines from over 100 winemakers from around the world.

“Swirl.  Sip.  Spit.”  That was the motto of the evening, which I blatantly ignored.  Spit out and waste perfectly good wine?  Preposterous!

There were many wine experts leading seminars, including Kevin Zraly of the Windows on the World Wine School. With over 30 years of teaching experience, he is highly acclaimed in the world of the wine.  He hosted an hour long action-packed Wine Expert seminar, taking his guests on a tasting tour and divulged his various tasting techniques.

In addition there were more foodie celebrity appearances by: Ian Knauer, Food Editor of Gourmet Magazine and owner/chef of Kitchen Eats since 2000; Martin Yan, certified Master Chef and host of TV’s Marting Yan’s China, dedicated to promoting worldwide appreciate of Chinese and Asian cuisine and culture; and Michel Nischan, resident chef of The Victory Garden, owner/chef of Dressing Room in Westport, CT, and a leader in the movement to honor local, pure, simple, and delicious cooking.

I am partial to South American wines so I camped out in the Argentina aisle.   Argentina’s red wine specialty is Malbec, and they have a delicious white wine grape called torrontés that I tried from each station, which has fast become my new favorite.  My old favorite white wine, Sauvignon Blanc, was the best from New Zealand’s Oyster Bay.  The next table over, I was lured by the incredibly cute co-owner of Invivo named Tim.  I don’t have that delicate of a palate, but I must say that the Oyster Bay SB beat out Invivo’s.  Sorry, Tim!  Perhaps a date would change my mind (call me!).

There were wines from all over the world, including Italy, France, Portugal, Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand.  Below is a sample list of just a few of the many wines I tried out last night:

There was a Blue Moon station, where they had their original beer, as well as a new, lighter version they were showcasing coming out of a green tap.  I looked over, and there was another mysterious, unlabeled tap – the new brew had not even been named!  Or, maybe they just refused to tell me.  Reps from America’s oldest brewery, Yingling, were there as well, and the beers were a nice break from the plethora of wine.  Also, Starbucks was there promoting their new Berry and Vanilla Chais, and there were a few cheese stations that paired great with our wines.

It was a great night of wine tasting and deliciousness!  You can definitely count us in for the Wine Expo next year!