April 10th: After a stressful few weeks, my luck turned for the better after being invited to Whistlin’ Dixie’s Texas Tavern for a happy hour beer open bar.  I was told to invite my nearest and dearest friends to enjoy an hour of free domestic drafts, provided that I could convince people to trek all the way to the bar.  Who knew that there even was an 11th Avenue in Manhattan?

Fortunately, free beer is usually a pretty good incentive to get people out!  In the relaxed atmosphere with “Texan” decor, we got to mingle among friends and play beer pong.  The bar also has additional space in the back, but we hung out in the front by the bar to be next to all the hoopla.

The bartenders were hot and were quick in service to get our pitchers, though I was secretly disappointed not to see anyone in a cowboy hat with Coyote Ugly style bar-top dancing.  There was almost an incident in which they ran out of Bud Light (shouldn’t all dive bars have some reserve or swamp of cheap domestic booze in their basement?), but the hostess was gracious enough to let us have any beer of our choice while they replaced the tap.

Later on in the evening, we saw one of the sexy bartenders step off duty to play beer pong!  She was dominating against quite a hefty guy, so you can be sure that these girls mean business!

Though I didn’t get a chance to try any myself,  I heard their food is quite great and I enviously looked on watching some guy chow down on a chili dog.  Instead, I stole some of my friend’s margarita and drank cosmos from a plastic cup.

If you into this level of classiness, Dixie’s is a great place for a casual, friendly get-together.  They have party packages for groups and private events, as well as a great deal for stress-free fundraising plans.  For a more impulsive planner, each night of the week they have different specials such as trivia night, beer pong and rock band tournaments, and live music on Fridays.

Get your stirrups ready and get down to Dixie’s!


Whistlin’ Dixie’s Texas Tavern
714 11th Avenue

Photos courtesy of Graydon Wintour via flickr.com