Just got back from getting my hair done, and I LOOK AMAZING.  I mean, not to be narcissistic or anything, but seriously.  My hair is AWESOME. 

Today only, May 20th, Kérastase pampered all of their loyal customers around the nation by inviting them to their partner salons for a free Kérastase treatment and a blow-out from professional stylists.  Since the most recent hair cut I’ve gotten was by me, sitting at my desk trimming my split ends, I decided that I should treat myself to a little something special.

During my lunch break, I wandered the 10 blocks south to De Berardinis in Chelsea.  I was expecting having to wait for a long time in a chaotic mess of appointments, but as soon as I said my name I was immediately greeted by my new favorite stylist, Adrian De Berardinis, who happens to be the salon owner!

First, I had my hair shampooed, which is pretty much my favorite part of going to a salon:  Stylists always know how to massage your scalp so soothingly and make you feel incredibly relaxed!  The treatment was a spray-in nutritive cleanser, where I was told I was in the orange/low-end of the spectrum in their line.  Not quite sure what that means, except for that my hair is neither too oily nor too deathly dry, but a nice mild moisturizer would do.

Back at the chair, he massaged the Mousse Volumactive into my hair for some texture, along with the Fluide Chroma Riche serum at the ends.  Then came the fun blow drying.  Let me add that I have A LOT of hair, so Adrian sure has his work cut out for him.  The end result was me looking GREAT!  Until I had to walk the 10 blocks back to work.  But truth be told, I can safely say I was the hottest thing on 7th Ave for those 10 blocks.

My friend just reported to me an unfortunate experience at a different salon: they expected to be too busy so they didn’t offer the blowout portion of the promotion, despite them not being busy.  What, seriously?!  So this story, though awful and depressing, further emphasizes my great experience at De Berardinis! 

Of all the salons that was participating in this Kérastase product promotion, I definitely lucked out in picking De Berardinis from the extensive lists of salons.  I was even offered to have my hair cut right then – I declined, only for the fact that I am growing out my hair for Locks of Love.  Fortunately, De Berardinis participates in Locks of Love, so I will be back to get 10+ inches of my hair chopped off and fabulously styled!  See you in a few months, Adrian!


De Berardinis
155 West 21st Street
Btw. 6th and 7th Ave