To commemorate JetBlue’s unveiling of their direct flights from JFK to Montego Bay, our friends at Thrillist hosted a fantastic event last night at Hudson Terrace

The Hudson Terrace is always a great place for an event, and even better with the warm weather to enjoy the great outdoor roof and patio.  Thrillist’s guests were clearly enjoying themselves, dancing to the (Jamaican?) live band playing on stage, in addition to Mojo Morgan performing a few of his hit songs.  I wanted to bust a move, but figured I should save myself, and other guests, the embarassment. 

Along with the open bar and hor d’oeuvres, there were cute JetBlue girls in tropical shorts enticing people to sign up for raffles to win a free trip.  A free trip??!  Take me with you, please!!

And oh look, today’s issue of Thrillist New York is all about JetBlue!  If you missed the party last night, at least now you can easily get a flight to Jamaica and get a real taste of the tropical Caribbean for yourself.  Someone get me a rum daiquiri, stat!



A treat for your eyes:  a photo of Jamaica, via Destination360.
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