Sure, rooftop bars get you dizzying views and glamorous spaghetti-strapped crowds, but the cost for all that is unconscionable prices that mean it’ll be a long time before you can afford your next pair of spaghetti straps. Cheapen up your sky-drinking, with Thrillist’s Rooftop Tour: five lofty bars slinging specials on designated weekdays, for two weeks straight.

Monday: Brass Monkey Bar Roof Deck
5-8pm June 8th and 15th at 55 Little West 12th, near 10th Ave; 212.675.6686
2-for-1 Bud and Coors Light on the waitress-only deck. After the special, choose from 75+ beers, from draughts like Palm and Duvel, to bottles like Ommegang Abbey Ale and Old Speckled Hen — because nothing inspires drinking like monks and chickens.

Tuesday: Highbar
All night long June 9th and 16th at 790 8th Ave, at 48th; 212.956.1300
Hit this 15th floor, well-foliaged midtown aerie (cabanas up top, swank futuristic lounge one floor below) for 2-for-1 frozen drinks all night, including guava ginger margaritas, the Italian vodka/limoncello/Prosecco Sgroppino, coconut mojitos, and a passion fruit pink lemonade called Mr. Pink — sure to make you whine like Steve Buscemi, “Why do I have to drink Mr. Pink?”.

Wednesday: Salon De Ning
5-7pm June 10th and 17th at 700 5th Ave, at 55th St; 212.956.2888
Hit this ur-opulent, Oriental-themed midtown roof for Thrillist Martinis, which Ning’s serving for $12, instead of the usual $22 — which you’d buy, then waste your whole night waiting for the other two drinks you’re sure must be included in that price.

Thursday: Hudson Terrace
5-10pm June 11th and 18th at 621 W 46th St, near 12th Ave; 212.315.9400
Reserve a no-need-for-bottle-service table and get 20% off everything you drink (six bottled beers, fruit-infused sakes, carafes and pitchers of caipirinhas & margs, four flavors of mojitos & sangrias…) while you watch the sunset over the USS Intrepid, and gaze at SR-71 as you give the woman next to you a Spruce Goose.

Friday: Shang Terrace
5-8pm June 12th and 19th at Thompson LES Hotel: 190 Allen St, between Houston and Stanton; 212.460.5300
2-for-1 sangria pitchers at the recently-opened 2nd floor terrace — not technically a rooftop, but considering the generosity of their drink special, you’re not going to Shang yourself over it or anything.

Print out this map and show it to each venue to redeem your special.