We here at Socially Superlative just crossed our 1st year of having the site up and running!  What better way to celebrate our anniversary than at a classy lounge with all of our favorite people, closest friends, and loyal readers?

As a way to give back to our community, we decided to team up with City Harvest to raise money for a great cause while having a fantastic fiesta.  The glamorous ladies of Simply Chic PR, Justine McCarthy and Sabrina Chapman (dressed in Allison Parris), threw this fabulous bash for us at the Inc Lounge of the Time Hotel – and what a bash it was!

Our guests were kept happy with great  music from DJ Vikas Sapra, who spun great mixes for us all night long, and drinks from Cuca Fresca gave our taste buds a morsel of summer flavor.  The biggest hit of the night by far were our delicious birthday cupcakes from Ivy Bakery!  Custom-making your own cupcake, among the vanilla, chocolate and red velvet cakes with the different choices of icing and toppings, somehow makes them taste even better!  Though they are normally stationed in Brooklyn, it’s definitely worth the trek for that cream cheese icing.

Next to the delectable  treats was a display of Isabella Grace Originals, earth friendly jewelry designed by April Schenk Torres who turns recycled materials into high fashion glamor. City Winery donated a $150 gift certificate that we raffled off to a lucky guest.

We mingled with a few of the familiar faces of the New York nightlife scene, including Michael James of The Gates; Karen Biehl with Eli the Dog; Derek Warburton of Derek Loves Shopping and media coordinator, Ashley Foster, Tia Walker, The Plumm TV crew, Melissa Meyers of askMelissa; and notorious partier, Shaggy!

Other sponsors for which we give immense thanks for our VIP swag bag include:

Hamptons Undercover
Sonu Water
Luxe Tea
The One Group
The Andean Collection
ELF Cosmetics
Bath Junkie
Caribbean Wellness Resorts
Skin Therapy
Liquid Lighting

For a mere $20 donation, our guests were able to leave with goodies valued at over $500, and feeling good about helping a great cause!

So again, we want to say thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us!  We appreciate your support and loyalty, and we can’t wait to see you out and about at other events!


Enjoy photos from the gallery below taken by Steven Rosen.  Thank you, Steven!


April Torres, Ashley Crossman,  Ashley Foster, Bernadette Sebzda, Bianca Kawecki, Caroline McCarthy, Dulcie Dee, Fedele Spadafora, Jeremy Leventhal, Sabrina Chapman,  Melanie Moore, Claire Julian, Jack Turbull, Courtney Henley, Anderson Termeh, Jeremy Logan-Cavendis, Alyson Campbell, Daniellan Louie, Charlie Chambochumbi, Dave Styfco, Mark Erlich, David Freed, Richard Bennett, Michael Schafler, Derel Johnson, Megna, Torrence White, Drew Coblitz, Ed Zysik, Lorna Solano, Enrique Crame III, Matt Fox, Herbert Fox, Sax, Tanni Keller, Jemar Ward, Betty Beyene, James Mikey Willis, Jen Barba, Brandon Broussard, Billue, Jennifer Write, Jenny Lau, Ludmilla Merka, Jerome Mouazan, Pierre Etienne, John Medeiros Jr., Mario Coorales Jr., Josh Rose, Judah Nathanson, Juliet Falchi, Derek Warbuton, Kate Falchi, Kate Swain, Krista Gamble, Keith Lew, Larry Lin, Prestine Gusmanos, Rachel Davis, Leisa Stackhouse, Lonne Jaffe, Yvonne Lee, Michelle Smoller, Justine McCarthy, Matt Wayne, Eli the Dog, Karen Biehl, Nathalie Douge, Tasha Douge, Patreece Randall, Okena Moore, Regina Stone, Olivia Fischer, Lizzie Corn, Rebecca Sheppard, Danielle Johnson, Riche Torres, Rob Mitchell, Ritica, Jerry Kempa, Rochelle Sinclair, Rosa Bruno, Gary Johnson, Russell Klein, Sam Bodenheimer, Taylor Vaughn, Sam Tayts, Michael Camacho, Sara Oremus, Cordelia Blanchard, Sarah Rosen, Shaggy,  Bex Sprague, Jeanne Williams, Steven Cheney, Yuna Lee, Tim Kress-Spatz, Chrissie Brodigan, John Elliot, Victoria Mukovozor, Becca Marcus, Martin Noack, Andries Verschelden, Stefan Goossens