Gearing up for Sunday’s big parade, Kiehl’s and Out Magazine joined forces to celebrate gay pride, and celebrate they did! Sipping margaritas courtesy of Midori, enjoying the wonderful flavors of Pinkberry and dancing to the likes of Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga played by hosts the Misshapes, party-goers truly had a gay ol’ time.

Held at Kiehl’s flagship store in the East Village, the event was a sight to behold. From the gorgeous interior of the venue to the beautiful crowd, not to mention bartenders, there were more than enough reasons to celebrate.

But the evening included more than drinks and laughs among good company, guests were also encouraged to shop as 10% of the night’s proceeds would be donated to the Men’s Sexual Health Project, an organization dedicated to men’s health and wellbeing.

Both a celebratory evening and a charitable event, Kiehl’s and Out added a fabulous party to an even more extravagant weekend.