I’ve always wanted to go to Von because, duh, the bar was named after me!  Ok not really, but I always wanted to see if I could finagle a free drink or two.

Last Saturday night, my friend had a birthday party there:  the no-frills, close-friends-only type of party where you just get together at your favorite neighborhood bar.  With no reservations and no table service, you have to arrive early on in the night to claim a spot and help yourself to the counter where they have a huge variety of wines and beers, which are all moderately priced.  The ground-level floor is more conversation-friendly, because even though it’s always packed, everyone is milling about the bar in close quarters so you can get friendly with your fellow barflies.

The door leading to the downstairs lounge is slightly inconspicuous, but that’s where the action is!  Small and dark, but provides the setting for a seemingly exclusive, albeit dingy, lounge.  The DJs that spin at Von are all typically quite good.  That particular night, the music started out great with lots of people dancing – but then at around 1:00 am it got a little bit strange:  the music morphed into beats without a song, kind of just mindless thumping, and then turned into weird resort-like background music played extra loud.

Maybe the DJ was trying to clear the space since it was mildly crowded, but nevertheless, there were still some hipsters dancing the box step while everyone else continued drinking.  Eventually the music normalized once again, and by that time it was late so we had the whole dance floor to ourselves.

A great place for a casual hang, so drop by for a beer upstairs and some dancing downstairs.  Bonus points for people who ask for me.


3 Bleecker Street
near Bowery