I first heard about Xie Xie from a guest at our 1 year Anniversary Party. Just two days later on June 25th, I saw it mentioned in this newsletter from Rare Daily.  Ever since I saw that damn newsletter, I’ve been craving a damn lobster roll, and  I was super excited because it said that it was going to open that following Saturday!!  But unfortunately for me, that proved to be not true.

In fact, they just opened TODAY (Wednesday, July 22nd)!  After one week of not being able to find the location (because the signage hadn’t been put up), followed by another two weeks of staring into the vacant store, they finally opened their doors today.  There were around six eager faces behind the counter ready to help me and served me a delicious lobster roll.

Their specialties are their bánh mì Vietnamese sandwiches that are all the rage now.  For those of you wondering, “xie xie” (roughly pronounced “shay shay”) means “thank you” in Chinese.  Such diversity!  Because I complained that I couldn’t find the store and waiting for it to open for three weeks, they gave me a free fortune cookie – not a normal fortune cookie that are always free, mind you, but an enlarged one that was slightly softer with a light taste.  Also, they have a “1,000 year old” ice cream sandwich (a mystic recipie, I assume) that I will have to try next time.

The place is incredibly small:  seating consists of about three small tables, and the cashier shares counter space with the exposed mini kitchen.  Not really a spot for fine dining, but the modern vibe makes it a nice casual place to stop by for a quick bite.

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Xie Xie
645 9th Ave
at 45th Street