A look inside the Mercedes-Benz Spring 2010 Bryant Park Fashion Week Tents!

For those of you who haven’t gotten a chance go to the Bryant Park tents yet, do so soon!  It seems as though Fashion Week just started, but it is ending sooner than you think and you’ll have to wait another six dismal months until Fashion Week Fall 2010.

Check out the schedule and clamour into the tents with us!  You’ll find the theme of the week is travel, with various old-fashioned suitcases as decor, reminding us to take advantage of cheap plane tickets now.  Sponsors include Maybelline, McCafe by McDonald’s, Palm phones, American Express, and Tresemme.  There is a crowded open bar sponsored by Emm Group, the group that  brings us Tenjune,  or you can skip the long line and just find yourself a Coke or a slew of boxed water and nourish yourself with Lu chocolate biscuits.

There is also an accessories exhibit showcasing some interesting pieces – my favorite, an intricate, complicated piece by Justin Giunta of Subversive Jewelry.  Check out our coverage of Subversive Jewelry from last year’s fashion week!

We love hanging out in the press lounge where writers and aspiring fashionistas pretend to do work, but are actually excitedly talking about the various shows and networking with one another.  So if you get a chance, scope us out!

See you at the tents,