Maria Grachvogel (8)
Maria Grachvogel unveiled her American debut and Spring Summer 2010 Collection at the Altman Building this past Sunday.  A chance encounter with a fabulous Scottish woman led to an invitation to be her ‘plus one’ at the showcase.  With much success in London, I was excited to see what Grachvogel had created. 

As much as I had hoped to rave about this collection, I found the clothing quite forgettable.  Complimentary English tea, scones, cupcakes, and small sandwiches seemed to be the highlight for most guests.  Having lived in London for a few months myself, I appreciated the mood and feel of the presentation, but that is as far as my enthusiasm goes.  Regardless, it was refreshing to relax from a hectic day of fashion shows with a nice cup of tea and good company.

There were some beautifully executed silk and satin dresses displayed down the runway, but nothing mind-blowing.  For the most part, Grachvogel chose black, white, and crepe colored fabrics, with the exception of a bright yellow tunic and two red outfits.  My favorite look was a black and white long backless print dress.  Maria was seen sporting this garment during the two hour presentation.  High waisted pants and loose fitting blouses completed the collection. 

The designer’s line is aimed at an older, more sophisticated woman, which was apparent when glancing at the make-up used on the models.  The young teenagers appeared to have aged about fifteen years.  It would have been more appropriate to have hired older women to wear these looks.  I did, however, enjoy the low-key jazzy music played in the background. 

Grachvogel’s collection will most likely sell, especially to wealthy upper class women who are sure to find her pieces wearable for any occasion.  While I would have preferred to see a concrete vision or something a bit more innovative, Maria’s clothes are elegant nonetheless.  She certainly has mastered the skill of knowing what best flatters a woman’s body.   

– Megan McDonough