Jeremy Laing (2)

Jeremy Laing was among several designers who opted to introduce their Spring/Summer 2010 collections at Milk Studios.  Models staring straight ahead, stone-faced and emotionless, presented each look.  They were lined up on either side of the studio’s large center area and along the back wall.  The overall effect made the clothes appear as they would be seen hanging in a showroom.  One at a time, each model was then instructed to walk a certain part of the room. 

For the most part, Laing used neutral blacks, beiges, whites, and ivories.  Geometric prints, asymmetrical styling, and fabric layering resulted in a truly innovative concept.  Jeremy has skillfully mastered his use of creating form through experimenting with different textiles.  The collection also reflected an eco-friendly and comfortable way of wearing clothes.  Garments were loose-fitting, moveable, and non-restricting.  A mix of silk, lace, leather, and mesh materials completed many looks.          

Jeremy Laing is a Canadian-born designer who grew up on an army base in Germany.  At the tender age of thirteen, Laing began to sew.  His love for fashion and creativity continued to develop throughout his education in both Toronto and at Westminster University in London.  The young designer has previously worked for Alexander McQueen and is best known for his organic approach to constructing his garments.  He believes in maintaining unity in every aspect of his designs to form a comprehensive whole.  

– Megan McDonough