Mario Moya (1)

The Mario Moya presentation was held in a beautiful Greenwich Street penthouse overlooking the Hudson.  Before the show started, people gathered on a large terrace with drinks in hand to watch the sun go down.  The penthouse’s interior was in sync with the clothes in that it was colorless and sparse.

The clothes were either black or white, tight fitting and edgy.  Necklines plunged and shoulders were exaggerated.  One black blouse was sheer to the extent that the model’s  bare breasts were visible – a definite fashion “don’t” for the office.  The outfits had bellicose names: “joust jacket,” “armour jacket,” “battle ax skirt,” and “javelin bodice.”  Interestingly, the clothes which look futuristic have a medieval inspiration.  I don’t, however, really see the reason for using women’s evening clothes to evoke battles fought by male knights of yore.

A unique collar was the most memorable aspect of the collection.  This collar, inspired by a medieval jousting cowel, completely surrounded the model’s neck and projected upward to cover her chin and mouth.  The white mask-like cloth mouth cover seemed to portend impending epidemic – i.e. the swine flu is coming.  Painfully thin models walking around with their mouths covered with white cloth strike me as being a sick image.  I don’t approve of covering portions of women’s faces.  As I watched the beautifully colored sun disappear over the river I hoped that this collar would be a style that fades into the sunset.

– Marleen

Sept 15th - Mario Moya