blood manor
Are you ready to live your nightmares?

One of my favorite times of the year is Halloween: often enough we get a lot of crazies here in New York, but nothing beats having crazies in costumes. Blood Manor returns for their 5th year, this time with even more monsters, ghouls, and blood!

Our first visit last year was so awesome that we just had to come back for seconds. We won’t spoil too much of the surprise, but we had an awesome time at the sneak peak. We first congregated for the reception party at Pink Elephant where we calmed our nerves at the Stoli open bar, with some monsters and creepsters lurked around taunting us. After we thought we were ready, a graveyard dude with a hefty velor cape led us across the street to the haunted house to meet our doom.

Good luck making your way through the maze of rooms, all decked out with the horrors from the imaginations of some serious loonies. I don’t know if you could call it a “favorite,” but one scene had chained up psychos covered in blood accentuated by the flashing strobe lights, leaving you shit-scared even from the other side of the fence. One woman that was in front of us was so terrified that she had to exit after less than a third of the way through! Wuss.

Hauntings start on Friday, October 2nd. Tickets are $25 + handling fee, or $30 at the door. Special express entry passes are $40 to 45 + handling. For times, tickets, and general info, check out their site. As our dear readers, we hope you make it back alive…